there is now mention of sizing so how do we know which size to get?

UP by Jawbone

UP by Jawbone

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  • If you can make it into the store, the top of the box that the band comes in has a hard plastic sleeve with a cut-out you can fit your wrist into. The cut-out simulates the size of the band.

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    Jawbone's website has a sizing guide. Apple won't let me paste the link unfortunately. If you google "jawbone up sizing guide" the first 2 links will show you sizing details.

    Trust them when they state that if you are between 2 sizes to go up one size.

  • I was told the small would fit best - the store at Southpark only had that size - but it's too small and doesn't overlap enough. I'm big boned - maybe 7.5" + wrist - and need at least a medium. Both my BF and I will be returning the smalls...

  • The back of every package is supposed to have a piece of plastic to put your wrist into to check your size, but some retailers have been known to remove these. You could always request to see one if they have taken them off.