Support OSX Lion Disk Utility Encryption?

Can anyone confirm if this drive supports the OSX Lion built-in encryption for an external drive that is now available via Disk Utility?

Other drives that I have looked at do not yet support this feature (eg. WD) and some that have hardware encryption are not compatible with TimeMachine when that feature is enabled.


G-Technology 3TB G-DRIVE High-Performance Hard Drive

G-Technology 3TB G-DRIVE High-Performance Hard Drive

Product No Longer Available

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    Answering my own question. It would appear that there was a problem in OSX Lion having to do with large sector sizes on large external hard drives, resulting in an incompatibility with the new Lion encryption for external drives. This is available via Disk Utility when formatting.

    This issue appears to be resolved with the 10.7.3 OSX Lion update, as I can now encrypt an external large WD drive, which I could not do previously. I was misled by the WD tech support folks who had indicated that it was a firmware issue in the drive itself, requiring an update, which had yet to happen. I was informed of the 10.7.3 update resolution from another WD user.

    Hope this might help others.