Someone is using my internet connection to upload data. Will this help with preventing them from doing that? (Yes, I know I'm tech tragic.)

ESET Cybersecurity for Mac

ESET Cybersecurity for Mac

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    Anti-virus software such as Eset is not designed to stop anyone from stealing your Internet bandwidth (emphasis on stealing) causing your computer to load emails, surf the net and/or stream music and video slowly. Stealing of bandwidth is typically associated with an unprotected WiFi network. That's not to say that such behavior won't lead to a compromised computer.

    Sotfware like Eset is designed to recognize viruses , bots and Trojans that are planted inside your computer that may allow someone to control your computer remotely or steal information off your computer when in use or just wreak havoc. An infected computer may also exhibit signs of sluggish responsiveness. In essence someone accessing your computer in such a manner could be charaterized as using your Internet connection to upload data.

    Eset or similar security software can root out and remove viruses, bots and Trojans provided a system isn't too heavily infected. Most security software typically used by the average consumer is designed to prevent infection first and cleanse second. I hope this in some way answers your question.