Since these headphones sit on your ear rather than around them, do they become uncomfortable over long listening periods?


Urbanears Plattan Plus Headphones

Urbanears Plattan Plus Headphones

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    I have not found that they are uncomfortable and I have hear aids that set outside the ear with cord going down into the ear. I just adjust the volume.

  • They do start to hurt after a while of wearing them constantly, that's the only issue i've found with these headphones. I love them, but I did find myself complaining many times about how it made my head hurt from wearing them when I did use them.

  • Unfortunately I think it depends on the person.

    I have what could be described as a slightly larger than normal head and after around 30 minutes of use the headphones do start to really hurt my ears (or rather, my one ear). A lot of the pain is concentrated to one specific point and it gets to be unbearable and eventually I have to take them off. Which is a shame, because I purchased them to be my headphones for the office and it wasn't until I really started to use them that this flaw became obvious.

    Urbanears says you can try to stretch them but so far I haven't had much luck. Perhaps I just need to break them in more?