Should I get these Apple In ear Headphones i have heard they're great

I have heard they're great and everything but i have never really liked in ears, they seem like they never fit right but i have heard the bass is great and the sound is great and i like that in my music but the price is it worth getting these
Can someone give me a good answer and tell me a little about what they can do and why i should get these, and maybe a few reason on what not to do with them if i do deside to get them

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

Product No Longer Available

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    Well, these earbuds are expensive, but most reviewers are right, the music quality is very good. If you have any iPod, but especially an iPod touch or an iPod, the microphone and the remote are very good. If the microphone isn't important to you, or the remote isn't, there are good more affordable options out there. However, this is an Apple product with a good reputation and functionality. You're getting a lot of features for your money. If you really don't like in-ear earbuds, then you can get the same version of this in the outer ear form. These are only thirty dollars. There have been mixed reviews of this product. Some people say it's fantastic, others say that the earbuds only last for half a year before wearing out.

    Anyway, I hope I've helped to answer your question!