Say I am backpacking for 3 or 4 weeks with no access to electricity, how many hours can the Mophie be expected to supply (ballpark) to power an iPad?

mophie Juice Pack Universal Powerstation PRO

mophie Juice Pack Universal Powerstation PRO

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  • From my experience, you will not get a complete charge for an iPad, but maybe about 70%. If your backpacking trip involves as much time as you have indicated, and you frequently do this, might be worth investing in one of the backpack solar panel chargers which you can readily find on the Internet. A good solar charger will cost $200+, but you could also probably use it to keep a Mophie Juice pack recharged as well.

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    Your iPad has a battery over 11k mAh, while the Juice Pack only has a 6k mAh battery. This would only charge your device to about 50%, if that.