Reasons to get this display instead of another (cheaper) brand to pair with Macbook Pro (to answer IT purchasers in my org).

I would like to get the 27" cinema display to pair with a new macbook pro that will double as my desktop and mobile computer. I am being asked why my org should spend so much more for a display when there are other monitors available. I have a couple of reasons (easy connection, recharge as soon as it's connected instead of using sep cord, Thunderbolt), but it comes down to preferring Apple/Apple products and using things that were designed to go together, which my IT manager completely rejects.

Can you give me more powerful arguments?

QA Apple 27-inch LED Cinema Display

QA Apple 27-inch LED Cinema Display

Product No Longer Available

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    There aren't other monitors available in this category (27" IPS) which are cheaper. 24" IPS monitors at 1920x1080p are now much less expensive, but this apple is the cheapest of the higher resolution, larger size. If you want 27" and high res, this is plainly the best option available. The fact that it pairs seamlessly with your computer is an added bonus.

  • This monitor pairs very nicely with a macbook pro, it has all the cords to match up to your laptop. I have one and it works seamlessly, when i connect my macbook pro i plug in the usb cable, monitor cable and the power cable into the laptop, all three of these cables are integrated into the monitor. This allows for you not to have to use your regular power adapter.

    Another thing is the monitor reduces power consumption, it only turns on when a computer is attached, it doesn't remain on like another manufacturers would.

    Also if you have one of the 2011 macbook pros they fully support this monitors native resolution, it is disappointing to get a monitor that isn't quite right, like the vertical or horizontal pixels is just a tad different, then you have to deal with a strange looking settup like lower pixels count or black bars or stretching. This monitor just works.

    Another thing, this monitor is rated in the top five on

  • If your job requires a 27" WQHD display, then you have the choice of the Apple or the Dell U2711. But you have a hard sell with an IT purchaser when there are excellent 24" displays on the market for 1/3 the price that are compatible with legacy display adapters. You could always buy one yourself and take it to work. Good luck!

  • i am going thru the same thing. the reason i want the apple 27" is because I want more resolution to display more data on the monitor. there are cheaper monitors out there but they can only display 1920 X 1080 the Apple display is capable of 2560 horizontal resolution (this is an additional 30% more data). it gives you more screen estate to display more. a monitor similar in resolution to the cinema display will cost the same.

  • It may sound strange however, while Apple are now way ahead of the General sales and (What amazing ease of Networking) dominate PC market places + many other positive features: The hard cold facts are that Apple is simply not Windows.
    Many programs used today in all businesses are written for Windows and when companies of frequent used programs in mainstream write apple compatible programs, your IT manager is really going to have his/her teeth turn to dust in their mouth. The real problem as I see it is, Apple are advancing so fast that the program writers are way, and i mean WAY behind. Simply a top hardware product that is years ahead of Windows based OS systems - Arguably even the new Win 8
    If you look at programs like MYOB. Written Originally in Windows format. Only in the past 12 months has a MAC MYOB program come onto the market. Now look at say a "medical practice". Not ONE program is written for MAC - and I find this very frustrating. I am forced to use a network windows based system over 10 PC;s and would walk the main street in my shorts to see the programers catch up. So the problem: As far as this rather new be MAC Lover goes, is that the Programs are just not as fast as Apple is in keeping ahead of the market demands. One only has to look at the limited number of Apple Software packages in the Apple Shop. For now, till the programers get those finders writing you will be pushing your IT manager toward a Psychiatrist daily - although I may be on the news soon for having to follow through on the street walk... I think I may have a few years grace.