Quicken 2007 Data FIle Import Running Lion

I have already upgraded my Mac to Lion and now Quicken 2007 no longer runs (oops). I tried Quicken Essential which is Lion compatible, but it was unable to import the Quicken 2007 data file. Will iBank4, installed on a Mac already running Lion, be able to import an existing Quicken 2007 data file? I really do not want to risk downgrading back to Snow Leopard.


iBank 4

iBank 4

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    As you've unfortunately learned, users of Quicken 2007 must export their data to a standard file format (QIF) before upgrading to Lion. (This is the format that iBank 4 and other software uses for imports.) Short of downgrading back to Snow Leopard, there's now no way to do this on your own. For assistance, contact the tech support folks at iBank's developer, IGG Software. They have been able to get new customers over this hurdle.

  • An option is to find someone who is still running Quicken 2007 on a Mac with Snow Leopard. Then you can put your Quicken 2007 files on there long enough to export them. Of course you'll want to remove your files when complete. If you don't know anyone running Quicken 2007, you can try contacting your local Mac User Group.