Please list all the advantages, backup allowable volume, and complexity/simplicity factors for the ESET Family Security Packs.

I live in both USA and in Panama. My desktop computers are not transported
from USA/Panama as we move to and from Panama. Total devices do not exceed
5 devices. Will ESET cover both locations?

ESET Family Security Pack (for 5 Devices)

ESET Family Security Pack (for 5 Devices)

Product No Longer Available

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    Yes, ESET will cover both locations. Your ESET license and all the products you install using that license will be activated and supported by the ESET distributor in the country where you purchase your license. So for you, that would be either ESET North America (USA) or ESET Latin America (Panama). From there, you can download and install in both locations on up to five total devices.