Please Help! I have a 2007 MacBookPro with Pro Tools LE, some Native Instruments stuff and of course lots of purchased iTunes music inside. If I get

Snow Leopard and the new Logic Pro music studio, can all I have presently on this OSX Tiger 10.4 setup be exported to an external hard drive temporarily, then imported back into the Snow Leopard setup, or what all will this switcharoo entail? ( I didn't grow-up with computers, sorry I'm Mr. Compumoron here. Any info would be GREATLY appreciated!;)
p.s. does the Logic Pro utilize a hardware interface like P.T. does, so you can use lo-impedance microphones and 3rd party mic preamps, etc.? Thanks, So Much!
brad dorset

QA Logic Studio

QA Logic Studio

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    I am new to Mac as well, but i am not knew to DAW's and Interfaces.

    Logic definitely allows you to use an interface, in fact Unlike Protools, you can use pretty much any interface you want!

    The easiest way i know to back up your data in that situation, would be to back up ALL your sample libraries, ALL your itunes, and any Music sessions you might have onto an external HDD.

    After you have backed up everything, Inactivate your Native instruments Software, then do a clean install of Snow leopard. There are many videos of all these processes on youtube.

    Anyone else having similar questions should visit their local music store, in the software section as those people tend to know a lot about interfaces and DAW's.