Once you are done working and need to carry on your MacBook how do you safely disconnect the display?

  • Asked by Lorena S from Saint Augustine
  • Sep 17, 2010
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10 Answers from the Community

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    Any disks or devices connected to the display must be unmounted or removed safely. However the display itself can just be unplugged. The Mac will take a few seconds to reconfigure its display (and you will see a blue screen while this happens) and then you will be all ready to go.

    • Answered by Daniel P
    • Sep 17, 2010
  • If you have any drives that are connected to the display then you need to dismount them; if you do not simply unplug and walk away.

    • Answered by Simon B
    • Sep 17, 2010
  • Provided you don't have things like mounted drives connected through the display to the macbook, you don't need to do anything but pull the cords out.

    • Answered by Christopher J from Hermosa Beach
    • Sep 17, 2010
  • To safely disconnect the screen you just unplug the cables. The screen on the laptop will then go blue as it changes modes. The same as when you plug the screen in.

    • Answered by William B from Hickstead
    • Sep 17, 2010
  • You can just disconnect the adapter plug. The Macbook should recognize that and readjust your display preferences.

    • Answered by David V from Sacramento
    • Sep 17, 2010
  • Just unplug the cables and you are done.

    • Answered by Vincent S
    • Sep 18, 2010
  • you dont have to do anyhing,just disconnect

    • Answered by Nick P
    • Sep 17, 2010
  • disconnect the drives or any other USB devices if present and then unplug the display port but be careful you can damage it. then the CPU will reconfigure the display to run on the macbook or other displays

    • Answered by Chris R
    • Mar 16, 2011
  • Unplug it.

    • Answered by Trevor A from San Jose
    • Sep 17, 2010
  • Just unplug it from your macbook pro. Nothing else required :)

    • Answered by Aleksey M from Firestone
    • Sep 17, 2010