noise wise, with no music playing, what lvl of protection in "db" do the headphones offer. yes i know there not ment to be used as ear plugs

they worked good as ear plugs for my last job sandblasting now iv moved companies im not aloud to were them in the booth. i need to present a good argument as to why i should be aloud to wear them. if they counteract a decent amount of noise with no music playing i might have a chance :) thanks

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

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  • No way to give an accurate answer, as it depends on how good a seal you make (they come with three different size earbuds, so you can get it right).

    Having said that, I'd guess about 10-15dB. Put it this way - I have my pair in my ears at the moment, music off, in quiet room, and can _just_ hear myself typing (I'm not a hunt and peck typist, so make a fair amount of noise when I type).

    Of course, since these are in-ear type, you could wear them, and still fit standard protective earmuffs over the top too, quite comfortably at that...

    The real issue is, would that then block out _too_ much noise (ie: if your premises' fire alarm goes off, for example, would you be able to hear it with muffs on, plus music blaring?)

    I can understand the desire for music whilst working, but safety has to come first ;-)