my set up, netgear wireless router connected to internet, macbook wireless to this airport express wireless for itunes can I improve on this?

Im not sure if this is the best set up and whether I would be better wirelessly connecting to the airport express and using this as a bridge to my netgear but would i then loose the itunes facility.

I do share my internet at the moment wirelessly with my son via the netgear.

  • Asked by Steve H from New York
  • Dec 4, 2009
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QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    hi there, i assume that by connecting to the airport express for itunes you mean that you airplay to the airport express for itunes you mean that you stream to it to a set of speakers, the setup i would recommend would be this, ether connect your express to the netgear router through a ethernet cable and have the airport express make the wireless network and disable the netgear routers wireless output and have your son connect to the airport instead of the netgear, or put the airport express in bridge mode and use it like that, i have a bt home hub connected through ethernet to a airport extreme which makes the network then airport expresses bridging it and this works ok, i hope this helps but remember before you do anything make a configuration file of your current setup (Airport utility > File > export configuration file) so you can get back to this setup quickly if needed :)

    • Answered by Jacob T from Nottingham
    • Feb 27, 2013