My router won't allow >1 user to be online wirelessly. Will the AirPort Extreme solve my problem or will we keep booting eachother offline?

An older DI-524 router isn't allowing more than one person to be online wirelessly at one time. When one of us opens our Mac's or wakes it from sleep, the one who is already online will instantly cease wireless capabilities even though our AirPort's say that we are still connected. Maybe our older router is giving priority to the newest user and not allowing any more users?

I'm getting tired of this because we pay enough for our cable internet and we have to share the internet. It has worked because we understand and deal with the problem but it is frustrating and if it is avoidable, then I'm more than willing to fix our problem. I've read some of the Q & A's on the AirPort Extreme site but am hoping for a straight answer from an expert before I purchase the hardware. HELP US... S.O.S.!!

  • Asked by Kevin G from Fairfax
  • Dec 20, 2009
QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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  • Well, I'll not claim expert status, but I do own an older Airport Extreme (the flying saucer shaped version); it is the main hub for my home network. It is connected directly to the cable modem. I've had a desktop PC (wired), two PC notebooks and a Mac PowerBook (all wireless) connected to the net at once without issue. Seems reasonable to presume that a newer version can do the same.

    - brian

    • Answered by Brian Y from Reinholds
    • Dec 21, 2009