My old computer has an OEM version of Windows XP Pro on it and I have the installation disk. Could I use it as the required Windows OS with Parallels?

If not, could I use another OEM copy bought on the internet? Retail versions of Windows XP seem as easy to find as hens' teeth.

Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac

Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac

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    Hello Philip, the answer to your question is, every personal copy of Windows allows you to activate it on 1 PC at a time using the product key. If your old PC is using that OEM version of Windows and the key, you won't be able to use that copy also for Parallels as when you activate it on the Mac, it will detect your old PC is using it. If you buy another OEM copy on the internet you have to be careful that the copy isn't being used on PC's but the disc is being sold. To be safe buying a non OEM copy always grantees that that key isn't being used anywhere else. Hope this helps you.