My 250GB G5 (backed up to 1TB ext hard with time machine) is now full. Can i use TC to expand diskspace and leave time machine on existing drive?

I have an imac and macbook pro both backed up thru time machine to a 1TB Western Digital Mybook external hard disk, connected via firewire to the imac. However the hard disk on the imac (250gb) is now full and the macbook will be full soon. I would like to free both up by using a 1TB Time Capsule as my central hard disk, connected wirelessly to imac and mackbook if possible. How do i do this without disturbing the current time machine set up. Or can i just plug the Time Machine external drive into Time capsule and continue without loads of configurations??? I can't erase the time machine because there is important data on it which was deleted from the imacs hard drive. Can anybody suggest a solution to set up a home network which optimizes the disk space, incorporates printer and remote access to data which is all backed up.

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    You can't do either easily. Once the data is on the TC, Time Machine cannot back it up.

    Plus, note that Time Machine will, sooner or later, DELETE the backups of anything that's no longer on your Macs.

    And Time Machine stores backups made locally differently than those made over a network, so you can't continue backing-up to the ones on the external HD if you connect it to the TC.