Multiple zone systems - do I need a separate unit for each zone?

Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat

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    You would want a Nest to replace each thermostat you currently have. They will communicate with each other and help each other 'learn'.

  • Yes, each zone needs its own Nest device. It cannot control more than one zone.

  • It depends on how your zone system is designed, and on what kind of system you have. It may be possible to control your zones with 2 Nest thermostats, or your system might be completely incompatible with Nest. I know that my new Trane system won't work with Nest because it has a 2-Stage fan.

    You need to talk to support at Nest to determine if your system is compatible.

  • Yes, each zone will need a separate unit. The two thermostats will communicate with each other and "learn" how to balance your preferences between different sections of the house.