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Hi, is it possible to hook up multiple speakers to 1 iphone/ or pc running itunes?

in our office we love to have music - but because of the size of the office we can not have one pc blasting out loud music - how can we run the same music at different speakers throughout the office - allowing varying levels throughout the office (but playing the same music?!)

please help us!!

Creative Inspire T12 Speakers

Creative Inspire T12 Speakers

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    You can (simultaniously) stream audio to any number of airport expresses (AE) and the speakers connected to the AEs. You can have the same music but control the volume on each speaker set separately, exactly as you said you want.

    All you need is 1 Mac or PC with iTunes and as soon as you power up an AE and configure it it will become visible in iTunes. Look for a rectangle with a triangle in its upper side (the AirTunes icon).

    It works from iPhone/iPads too, btw.

    AE + powered speakers are by far the easiest and cheapest way to have multi-room music.