MacBookPro5,5 : does its Mini Display Port send audio signal also ? (if it sends only video signal I will not buy this monitor)

I have just gone to an Apple Store to check this product before purchase and they told me that only latest Mini Display Ports support audio signal.

I bought my MacBook Pro in November 2009, model description says it's a MacBookPro5,5 ...

Anyone can shed a light on this issue ?

I'd rather avoid paying £900 for this monitor and then not being able to enjoy my DVDs ....

thanks a lot


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    No, the 2009 MacBook Pros (MacBook Pro 5,3 or 5,5) are not supported the audio over mini-DisplayPort feature. Only the 2010 MacBook Pros (MacBook Pro 6,2 and 7,1) or newer are supported the audio over mini-DisplayPort feature.

  • So far, I've been unable to get my MacBookPro5,5 to send audio to my 27" iMac via DisplayPort, and I know that the iMac supports it. From what I've read, DisplayPort audio support wasn't added until the 2010 models.

    That said, I use that monitor at work and I absolutely love it. And, audio is most definitely supported via the included USB cable connection. I replaced a 30" HP monitor with it, and prefer the clarity of the picture, and the fact I can use the camera in the monitor as well as the speakers makes it a perfect monitor for my uses.

    - kate

  • It does send audio via USB. You have to plug into the laptop via USB to access the three USB ports on the monitor--simultaneously it shows the "Display Audio" as type "USB" in the Sound Preferences pane.