mac WD files to a PC?

If I back up my mac onto this product can they also be read on a pc as I will be travelling?

Western Digital My Book for Mac

Western Digital My Book for Mac

Product No Longer Available

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    This drive is "formatted for Mac", which means that PCs will not be able to read the data.
    As an alternative, try MacDrive on the PC. This software allows Windows Pcs to 'see' Mac drives. I believe there's a limited trial version on the MediaFour website.
    Alternative 2- you could re-format the drive as FAT32, while attached to your PC. Both PCs and Mac will then see the data. I'm pretty sure that Time Machine won't work if you do this, so it's not an ideal solution.
    When I used to use PCs more than Macs MacDrive worked flawlessly for me.