Let me get this straight: I can plug my ethernet cable into Airport Extreme and it converts my current internet service to wireless? Or am I way off?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Actually you are spot on. That is the whole purpose really of AirPort. As you say, plug in your ethernet cable and the AirPort Extreme Base Station, set it up and it becomes your wireless access point for your home, office or wherever you will be using it. It will allow any computer, Mac or PC to wirelessly connect to the internet provided, of course that you have an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and it also has dual Band Wi-Fi so any Wi-Fi device will also use it to connect like an iPod Touch or iPhone.

    You can also plug a USB printer into it so that any computer on your network can print wirelessly as well. You can even plug in a USB hard Drive into the base station for use as a network drive which can also be accessed over the web if you are away. If you own a PS3 or XBOX the base station will also allow you to connect those devices wirelessly to your network.

  • The Airport Extreme is a router that takes the internet signal from your ISP's modem and shares it to multiple computers on your network. The Airport Extreme will give each device on your network a unique IP Address. Whether a device is connected to the Airport Extreme's wireless network or using one of the ethernet ports on the back, the devices will all be within the same IP Address range so they can share files, etc.

    The USB port on the back of the Airport Extreme can also be used to share a printer or external hard drive to all the computers on the network too.

    Hope this helps.

  • No your correct. You just plug your ethernet cable into the Airport Extreme Base Station and up to 50 users can connect up to it.

  • I just set mine up tonight. This works just like a router. I have it set up so that an Ethernet cable connects my dsl straight to this airport extreme base station. I have another cable that goes right from the main desktop computer to first of three slots for other devices on the network (I just have the desktop as the only other device). If you have high speed internet that can be connected to any router, I'm sure this will work for you. It was very easy for me to set up, and it works great on the main desktop, as well as the two other laptops (one is a mac) I have connected to the network. Good luck! Hope this helps!

  • Also know that you can plug additional ethernet cables into the back, 3 I believe, and it will support up to that many non-wireless enabled computers wired internet access. It supports both.

    Also, it's always helpful in my opinion to utilize the USB there. You can use it for wireless printing so you can do so from any point within the range of the network. This also works for the wired computers.

    It's a great thing to have it you have a combination of Wifi enabled and ethernet only computers.

  • Yes, that's what I did. Basically, you're sharing that wired connection, wirelessly with your household. It will require some setup though, through Airport Utility!
    Hope that helps!

  • Yes, Both the AirPort Extreme and AirPort Express are wireless routers which do exactly that, and the setup is also quite simple.

  • Yes that's it

  • Spot on, way to go