Is velocity sensitive the same as light weighted keys?

I'm looking for a keyboard for my 14 year old who is learning piano. Her teacher says she needs a light weighted key board. I was wondering if this would be good?

Line 6 Mobile Keys 25 Controller

Line 6 Mobile Keys 25 Controller

Product No Longer Available

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    This will certainly work for a beginning piano student, though Mobile Keys 49 might be better as it has more keys, making two-handed playing easier. Velocity sensitivity is different from the key weight, it makes more expressive playing possible so it will sound more like a real acoustic piano.

  • Expanding on the 1st answer, if you "lightly" press a key, the sound will be quiet; the harder you press, the louder it gets. As for "lightweight", some keyboards out there come with pre-weighted keys, so you may want to clarify this with the instructor.