Is this what I need to use in my Prius IV to play iTouch thru car stereo system??

My new Prius IV has the old cigarette like port and a round one too. I this the cable I need to connect to the stereo system while in the car? Can I charge the i Touch while driving my Toyota Prius? Which charge system is best, or is there one that will allow charging and playing both.

Griffin Coiled Auxiliary Audio Cable

Griffin Coiled Auxiliary Audio Cable

Product No Longer Available

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    Yes, it goes connected on the axiliary audio jack on your car which will transmit all the audio from the iPod to your car speakers. No this device will not charge the iPod you need another cable that goes into the cigarrete port to charge the iPod. No, there are no axuliary cables that will chage the iPod the same time.