Is this what I need if I have a loose CAT 5 ethernet cable from my MBP to the wall internet plug?

After I updated the latest version of Flash (have no idea if this stuttering of the live streaming videos is related), I noticed that the old ethernet cable from my MacBook Pro to the wall outlet which give me my internet signal is loose where it inserts into the MBP. The live streaming news videos will start and stop and start and stop, and it appears I can get some of this to stop by pushing in the ethernet cable I am using into the connector on the MBP. So, in short I am thinking a new ethernet cable that goes from my MBP to the wall should be replaced. is this the right kind of cable to get? Can this be obtained at other stores? Is there a "most recent" type of ethernet cable that is the latest as far as technology goes? I cannot believe I have to buy a new ethernet cable and I am not sure if that will solve this live streaming video stuttering, but for sure the connection where the ethernet cable goes into the MacBook Pro is very loose.

  • Asked by Kent T from Salt Lake City
  • Mar 20, 2011
Belkin RJ45 CAT 5e Ethernet Patch Cable (14 Ft.)

Belkin RJ45 CAT 5e Ethernet Patch Cable (14 Ft.)

Product No Longer Available

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