Is this waterproof for swimming?

Nike+ FuelBand

Nike+ FuelBand

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    Hi Kyle,
    i've got my Nike+ fuelband 2 months now and its great! to answer ur question; No, u cannot swim with it. However, one can shower with it and have it on while washing ur hands.. just in case i do not recommend showering with the valuable fuelband :) enjoy

  • The biggest thing I didn’t like: IT’S NOT WATERPROOF. That means you can’t take it swimming and swimming is arguably the best full body workout. I suppose the USB port and ‘oxygen kinetics’ are to blame for this but what are you going to do. Making it waterproof would have made it an instantly “can’t miss product”.

  • It's safe to wear the Nike+ FuelBand in the shower or when dancing in the rain. You should be able to rinse off without a worry. Please be sure the USB leads are dry before docking the FuelBand to your USB port.

    Since it's not waterproof, it's not recommended for use while swimming (or other activities on the water- wakeboarding, surfing, etc.).

    Your FuelBand should be rinsed thoroughly in fresh water after being exposed to salt water or chlorine.

  • The Nike Fuelband is not waterproof. It will withstand minimal contact with water from normal use (rain/washing hands/etc), but cannot be submerged in water.

  • I showered with one on without any problems. I don't think it's meant to be used while swimming only because the USB interface is loosely covered (covered, but I can imagine water seeping in if completely immersed) when snapped on.

  • No, it's splash-proof not water-proof. The USB connection is enclosed and then exposed when you open it with a latch mechanism - it's not sealed.

  • No, unfortunately not, hopefully this will be a feature of a 2nd generation?

  • it is NOT waterproof for swimming. you can shower with it on. you can be in the rain with it on. you cannot submerge it in the water. it will ruin it.

  • It's not waterproof for swimming but you can get it wet. The booklet says rain and showering is okay, just not swimming.

  • "Water-resistant for safe use during wet weather" :-( I wouldn't try swimming with it!

  • I was told by the salesman its waterproof and you can wear it in the shower. I went to bali 2 months ago and I took it off before I went for a swim in the hotel pool. My friend asked whether it was waterproof and he just through it in the swimming pool. It still worked when I got of the pool to check it out. I then wore it for over an hour in the pool and up to this day I have had no problems.

  • I shower with mine daily and haven't had any issues. I've had it for 4 months. It's more waterproof than you'd think. It gets soaked in the shower. I guess it's not submersion proof.

  • No but it can with stand water from rain, and washing hands but it is not fully water proof so you cannot swim with it.