is this the cable for the mac mini

CS Electronics Fiber Optic Cable - LC to LC

CS Electronics Fiber Optic Cable - LC to LC

Product No Longer Available

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  • The previous answer was not quite right. There were always cables on the Apple site and in store which you could use for digital audio connection.
    This one, as an example, - XtremeMac XtremeHD Toslink Audio Cable.

  • Best Answer:

    No this is not for connecting to any of the audio in/outs on any Laptop that I have seen. For that you need a cable with a standard Toslink fiber optic connection on one end and a Toslink Mini-plug on the other.
    Really strangely, even though this is the way all recent Apple laptops and (apparently) the Mini connect for Digital audio, there is not one single cable on the Apple site for this purpose. Just do a Google search for "toslink mini-plug" and you'll get plenty of results.