Is this software compatible with Chase Bank?

iBank 4

iBank 4

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    I have been downloading my credit card transactions from Chase in to iBank using Direct Connect for quite a while. iBank and Quicken use the same OFX protocol for Direct Connect, so if Chase says they support Quicken, but not iBank - just tell them you are using Quicken. The most recent version of iBank 4 does have an advanced setting in the Preferences pane that allows you to choose how you want iBank to identify itself as when connecting to the bank. You'll want to choose Quicken Windows 2011. Hope this helps!

  • Yes, iBank 4 connects with Chase - as well as many other financial institutions online - via direct downloads. That means you can set up your account with the bank to permit the automatic downloading of your most recent transactions straight into iBank. Typically, transfers are in one of two formats (QFX or OFX) commonly used with MS Money or Quicken. The developer of iBank, IGG Software, has a list of supported banks on its website.

    For banks that don't support direct downloads, iBank also supports web downloads. You can use iBank's built-in browser to navigate to your account without leaving the app, then download current transactions in a single file that is easily imported to iBank. IGG also has a short video tutorial online to show you how you set up accounts for importing your banking data.

  • Yes it works. Chase doesn't officially support it but with iBank all you have to do is sign in and it downloads all of your transactions. Its no different than any of the methods other financial applications for Macs use.

  • Chase is the largest bank in the U.S. and it seems strange that Chase is listed as a Direct Download in iBank 4 but when you call the Chase number in the iBank popup box, Chase tells you that not only do they not support iBank4, but also that they have any plans to do so. To have to try and find a workaround for limited functionality is really not acceptable. Thus, in my opinion iBank is unsuitable for Chase customers.

  • No it doesn't according to Chase. While you can download and import the data to iBank, the "Direct Connect" feature is not supported by Chase. What this means is you cannot drop your online banking through Chase and just use this application. You still need to go back and download/import data unto the iBank.

  • I just got off the phone with my local Chase bank and they told me that iBank is something they do not use.

    Explain ??

  • It used to work for me but since going to Lion, it doesn't seem to work anymore. I was just going out to the forums to see what changed.

  • This is a very late answer, but just in case anyone else finds this thread via a web search like I did...

    I was having the same problem, so I called Chase, and the rep told me to log on to my Chase account normally via the web, click on the "Customer Center" tab, then click on the link that says "Activate Quicken, QuickBooks, etc.".

    Once I did that, iBank worked perfectly. (However, before that I had also followed the advice of going to the Preferences and choosing the option to have iBank identify itself as Quicken for Windows 2011, so if simply clicking the link doesn't work for you, also perform that step.)

  • I don't believe this is correct. I just set up IBank 4 and could not download my Chase account. I called Chase and the rep. said that Chase only supports Quicken and not IBank. They said they were working on it. If anyone knows this not to be the case, please provide a way to download from Chase. Thank you.