Is this product good for inexperience/novice DJs who wants to practice and become better at it?

Vestax Spin DJ USB Controller

Vestax Spin DJ USB Controller

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    Yes - the software is simple to use and allows all the basic DJ options a beginner needs -- headphone cueing, pitch control, faders, etc. It won't replace real turntables but if you want to learn digital DJing this is a great (and very inexpensive) way to start.

  • Yes.. That is exactly what this program was targeted for.. Check out the reviews of some of the users..

  • yes

  • The Vestax Spin follows the standard DJ Mixer layout, as well as standard controls for the "decks". However, the EQ (equalizer) section of the mixer features line fader (sliders) style controls vs. the typical knob control found on most DJ Mixers.

    As a user of the classic Vestax PMC-07 Pro DJ mixer I have absolutely no problems with the line fader EQ system...BUT, almost all other DJs I know of complain that they prefer knob control.

    Truthfully, there are distinct differences in the characteristics of line fader sound vs. knob EQ sound. Most notably, knobs allow for a smooth value change while the line fader is best for quick drumming style EQing.

    In the end, I'd have to say that for the price you can't really ask for more than what the Vestax Spin controller offers. At roughly half the price of the comparable Vestax VCI-100 (has knob EQ), I consider this controller to be a tremendous value.