Is this hard to put on(like on the right place)? Does it make air bubbles and things like that? Does it feel different than just the regular screen?

I'm sorry i'm asking so much but im just wondering. What I mean by these questions are when ur trying to put on the Ainti -Glare film on ur itouch is it hard to put it in the right place so its lined up right. When its on does it make air bubbles and does it make it harder to like tap stuff and do more detailed things. Does it feel like its not there or something else.

Power Support HD Anti-Glare Film Set for iPod touch (4th Gen.)

Power Support HD Anti-Glare Film Set for iPod touch (4th Gen.)

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    I did not find it hard to put it in the right place. The film has two cutouts - a small one for the camera at top and a larger one for the home button -- so I placed the touch on a flat surface, simply held the film on the outer edges (so as to not put any fingerprints on the film itself) and slowly placed it over the screen. It literally attached itself without any air bubbles. It's my son's iPod Touch and he says the screen doesn't feel different. However, he says he thinks it's easier to slide his finger on it now that it has the film on it. Only real difference he sees is that it makes the screen slightly darker due to the anti-glare properties.

  • Yes but you can get the bubbles out by running a glass rag over it. Or let the bubbles come out naturally. The screen is darker because of the anti-glare and it does feel different. I think it makes the screen look foggy