Is this good for a intermediate dj?

I used to DJ in college so I was used to vinyl and such, so I'm far from beginner, but not a professional. I want to get back into mixing (and some scratching) though. Would this be worth buying just for hobby dj'ing?

Vestax Spin DJ USB Controller

Vestax Spin DJ USB Controller

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    This would be a fine purchase for hobby DJing, MP3s cost far less than vinyl and building a DJ set from separate components would cost far more than this controller.

    However, I'm not so certain I could suggest this unit for scratching. I'm confident that for some of the most basic of techniques this will work...okay. BUT, for more advanced techniques, your biggest concerns will be jogwheel resolution and crossfader sensitivity.

    Generally the soundcard latency and the jogwheel resolution of the Vestax Spin will fall into the "sub-par" category. This means you'll find that the audio quality may suffer greatly when scratching, mostly in the form of clicks and pops...what we call "glitchy" audio.

    Yet the biggest concern would be the crossfader. It really doesn't matter what kind of fader is in the Vestax Spin...because it is simply controlling a virtual crossfader built into the software. It's NOT the REAL THING.

    In the end, you wanted something for hobby mixing..and this is great for that. But if you want to bone up on those old scratch skills, i'd suggest something a little more purpose-driven.

  • Hi man i went to the club last nite and i seen the DJ using one and he was going a great job. the party was jumping all not and he was scratching and all. So i think its great all he had was his Macbook and the Vestax and the party was on

  • it is good for all level djs

  • yes