Is this exactly the same as the Superdrive that came out for the Macbook Air? WIll my old Superdrive work exactly the same as this new one?

Apple USB SuperDrive

Apple USB SuperDrive

Product No Longer Available

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    Based on the information released by Apple, Yes, it is Pretty much the same thing. the Only difference that can be observed from going through the Documentations available is that the "New" Superdrive, formerly called Superdrive Air, can not be classified with the term AIR any longer as it is Now Compatible with the MacBook PRO as well ( though ONLY the Newer RETINA Display Model.) hence the NAME Change.

  • It is just updated. You don't need to buy the new one if you have the old one.

  • Yes, I believe it is the same. Just the description is updated to the new machines that it will work with. I bought one years ago with my MacBook Air and I recently bought a Mac Mini Sever and my old Apple SuperDrive works seamlessly