is this compatible with the old i-pod which is non touch

i have an i-pod which is not a touch; it has thousands of songs on it....and I would like to get thee headphones to access the music when traveling.

Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones

Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones

Product No Longer Available

2 Answers from the Community

  • Oh my god, do it. 1) They have the same auxiliary jack as any other pair of headphones. 2)I own 2 sets and while the first pair turned out to be severely defective (sent back to factory, replaced, and now I am much happier about the whole thing), the second pair (different) which arrived in the mail today is just amazing. They hare super comfortable, sound great, and are made by the same people who developed Beats by Dre. Think of these headphones as beats in all but name. A word of warning though, there doesn't seem to be a hard zippered case that Monster makes for this model, and I'd be hesitant to get something from another brand.

  • The DNA's are definitely able to play music with the old iPod. The ControlTalk functions, however, would not be compatible.