is this compatible with bluetooth 4.0 in the iphone5?

I am seeking a good bluetooth device that pairs well with iphone5 AND allows the use of Siri for calling and answering. Will this one work?

and is the microphone "noise cancelling"?

Jabra Clear Bluetooth Headset

Jabra Clear Bluetooth Headset

Product No Longer Available

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    This appears to be compatible with the iPhone 5, but it is not a Bluetooth 4.0 device. Rather, it's one of the very rare Bluetooth 3.0 devices available. At the time of this writing (January 2013), most headsets on the market still are Bluetooth 2.1 devices. I've only encountered one Bluetooth 4 headset to date while shopping online. I believe it was a Sennheiser device that had a so-so rating.

    Unlike iPhones, Bluetooth headsets have not kept pace with advancements in industry standards.

  • Yes, the Jabra Clear Bluetooth Headset is compatible with the iPhone5. Am I using it with my iPhone5 as I write this answer.