Is this case good for iPad mini with Retina display? or only fits on the first iPad mini?

I have already raised this question, but it seems that was deleted. In short: fits on iPad mini with Retina Display or not?

Evutec Karbon S (Sleek) Series Shell Case

Evutec Karbon S (Sleek) Series Shell Case

Product No Longer Available

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    It DOES fit the iPad Mini Retina. BUT... it is a very snug fit. I have this same model case on my iPhone 5S and it is perfect. Doesn't bulk up the phone at all, is essentially weightless and also has (amazingly, given how slim it is) protected the corners (and front) of my phone on several "oops, out of the pocket" falls. (the case took the scuffs and scrapes and the iPhone remains absolutely scuff and damage free. Phew.

    The trick to getting this to "clip" onto the iPad Mini Retina is to press it on one corner at a time. When I first tried it both the Apple Store rep and I could only get it "almost" there. Then I looked at several other cases for the mini retina and just didn't like the bulk. So, persistently, I went back to this case, and tried again. Viola -- this time it fit. When mounted properly you'll feel a satisfying "clip" as each corner properly grips the iPad frame and then you'll have a very sharp looking "second skin" on your iPad Mini Retina (or original mini). It has such a great "custom fit" look and feel to it too. And it works seamlessly with Apple's front cover. It is truly a beautifully designed accessory and worth every penny since you won't end up with a drawer full of almost-as-pricey covers that you end up taking off anyway. HIGHLY recommend this brand (and ditto for the iPhone 5S -- I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years on these types of accessories and Evutec is the nicest of them all.

  • unfortunately not! I thought it should fit but the Retina display is a tad thicker. one corner doesn't snap in completely. And they don't make it for the retina display either :( I have to return mine. if it helps mine is a retina LTE version.