Is this case compatible with the iPhone 5s? If so, will it accomodate the 5s with the leather case?

Sena Laterale Case for the iPhone 5

Sena Laterale Case for the iPhone 5

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    This holster comes with a very thin profile snap-on case that you can put your iphone 5 or 5s into it and use it with your holster with no problem.

    If you want to use any other snap-on that is thicker than the snap-on comes with the package, you may experience a very snug fit. I do not recommend to spend any money to any other snap-on because snap-on is already included.

  • Answering my own question: “Yes”. The leather holster also comes with a semi-rigid "sleek form-fitting case” (manufacturer’s description) that the phone does fit into nicely, and when installed on the phone, is able to fit into the case, as well. That said, the outer shell (the aforementioned "sleek form-fitting case”) is suitable to prevent scratches to the back and sides of the phone, but that I doubt will do much more. The snap closure also works well, but takes a few rounds of in-and-out to stretch a bit to more easily snap shut. The belt/strap clip is sturdy and secure, but if worn or attached to a belt or strap greater than 1.25”, will not provide full, wrap-around fit, making it more likely to be dislodged with modest upward pressure. Finally, the belt clip (leather covered metal) might eventually fail in the following way (having owned a case with a similar, nearly identical belt clip style/profile): the “pocket” with which the clip is fitted to the holster is most likely secured to the clip with an adhesive and, eventually, the clip may become unsecured (losing its grip, as it were), leaving one with a clip, but no case, and its contents (the phone) elsewhere. Fortunately, in my, uh, “case”, this occurred in a car, so I did not lose the phone (or the outer case, for that matter). Shooting some adhesive into the “pocket”, then sliding the clip back into place, followed by some overnight clamping, did the trick. In sum, a very nice case that is more comfortable, with a less obtrusive profile than the alternatives, including, for example, the OtterBox clip-on models.

  • I contacted apple to ask the same question because I just received the 5s and they said the 5 and the 5s are the same size, hope this helps you, I just bought mine.

  • I just tried it out. It works just fine IF you don't have a snap on case on the iPhone. That is the 'bare' iphone works fine. I've had years of satisfactory use of Sena Laterale cases with my 3 and 4s. I tried Apple's snap on case and it makes the phone too long to fit in the Sena case. Down side is that when the phone is out of the holster, there is less protection for it. However, unlike previous phones with holsters I've used, this holster keeps it very safe. One upside is that when I pull the phone out of the holster, I can see the color of the back of the iPhone which would be concealed by the case. To me the color of the back of the iPhone is nicer than the color of the case. But I wasted money buying both. Since the case is an Apple product, IMO, Sena should have made a note in the product description that it does not fit an iPhone with an Apple case on it.