Is this cable backwards compatible with mini display port?

Meaning could I use it on my 2009 macbook pro as mini display port to mini display port or mini display port to thunderbolt. I was looking into getting one and if this can do both I would get this for whenever I upgrade my macbook pro. I dont think it is but just wanted to make sure.

Apple Thunderbolt Cable

Apple Thunderbolt Cable

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  • Guy at Providence RI Apple store told me it will work with my old MBP late 2008 model mini display port. I was surprised...waiting to test it out sometime if I get the chance. Wondering what the transfer speed might be.

  • Best Answer:

    No. This cable can only be used with Thunderbolt ports.

  • Since your MBP is not Thunderbolt-compatible, the cable will not allow Thunderbolt communication. I can't tell if it would work for Mini Displayport only - as it has chips inside, it is more than a dumb cable - but at 49$, it is way too expensive for this use.

  • Yes, it works with mini displayport too.