is this bag suitable for 13" Macbook pro?! and does it have a lot of space for books?!

I'm looking for a bag for 13" macbook pro and it said that this bag was made for 17" , so the 13" will fit but my question is will the 13" fit with no extra space so it wont flip up and down, right and left?!
my other question is does this bag has a lot of space for books, because i'm going to the university and i will need to have a lot of books in the bag , does it has that space!?

Hurley Backpack

Hurley Backpack

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    I have a 13" MBP, and I use this backpack for it. Generally I tend to put my MBP in a sleeve (Also from Hurley), and then stick it in there. However, I'm just being overprotective. I have used it without the sleeve, and there's some space but not so much that it's going to be going all over the place. It's also faux-fur lined, which will help protect it from scratches.

    Space wise, it all depends. There's a lot of pockets, which is really nice for organization, but if you fill them up it only leaves room for a one inch binder and maybe a slim writing notebook. Without the pockets fully-filled you can fit a few full folders, a few notebooks, and a one and a half inch binder. I'm planning to use it for university in the fall as well, and I'm sure I'll have no problem.

    Also, I've found that even when I've filled it to the brim, and it's super heavy, it feels light on my shoulders, which is super nice.

  • Yes it has plenty of space, I use it to carry my 13" macbook pro and loads of books for work! when im traveling around on the tube in London its very protective. very good back pack

  • Yes and yes. I also have a 13 MacBook Pro, and I carry it safelly, with books and folders and some other stuff. The computer case is soft and well designed, and keeps the computer a little far from the bottom, for safety. I loved this!
    It's perfect for the University, at least for me.
    Good luck!