Is this bag likely to fit a woman's smaller shoulders?

I'm a woman with narrow shoulders and many backpacks that are made for men have the shoulder straps set too far apart and I'm always fighting with straps slipping off my shoulder.

Are there any women users who can comment on how this bag fits them?

Incase Compact Backpack

Incase Compact Backpack

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    I just purchased this backpack to put 15 inch Mac Book Pro. I didn't have any problem carrying things yesterday and very happy about my purchase. However, I had to carry my laptop with me today and it was very PAINFUL to walk with this backpack. Even with nice padded shoulder straps, it was too wide for my shoulders.

    I am small Asian woman so maybe that is the reason why it doesn't fit me very well. If you want to purchase this backpack, please go to the store and try it on WITH some weights in it.

    I hope this info helps...