Is this a hard, slick case, or a soft, pliable one?

I'm looking for a case that slips in and out of my jeans pocket quickly. I have a soft, smooth, pliable case right now and it takes me forever to get it out of my pocket because it doesn't slide out . It sticks to my the inside of my pocket. I'm looking for a hard, slick case.

ZeroChroma VarioProtect for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5

ZeroChroma VarioProtect for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5

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    This wont stick to your pocket like a silicone/rubber case, it is more plastic than rubber, quite solid.

  • This thing slides in and out easily. Semi-hard/soft. Not a problem.

  • This is a hard case. I keep my phone in my left front pants pocket, and it slips in and out easily, unlike the soft gel cases that stick. I've had my case for over a year and there are no scratches on it... this hard material has a matte finish. It is not shiny. It resists scratches. And it is very thin. Not thick like many of the cases on the market. And I have dropped my phone about 20 times from a height of about 3-4 feet. Not a scatch on the phone or the case. Best case I've ever had.