Is there only 1 color available?Can you describe how's the color look like? rainbow? transparent?

Monster Diamond Tears Edge On-Ear Headphones

Monster Diamond Tears Edge On-Ear Headphones

Product No Longer Available

2 Answers from the Community

  • There are two colors: black and crystal. The color of the crystal set depends on the light you're in as it is highly reflective. Many times it can show shades of orange, green and purple all at the same time as light enters the prism styled ear cups. The black version is slightly less flashy and comes out as more of a purple tinted set. However, it still gives off spectacular colors in the sunshine or bright lights.

  • The color appears different from different angles. Basically clear, with highlights of purple, pink, aqua, some yellow and gold. They do sparkle, but not over the top. The colors change as you move so someone looking at you, if you're moving, they'll get the full rainbow. Very pretty. You can get a good idea on the monster web site, watch the promo video. Haven't seen the black yet, in person, but appears similar effect with the clear being a darker, black clear and black heard band and ear pieces.. The oval, egg shape ear piece seems comfortable and not hot like some, may be more adjustable for glasses wearers because of narrower top.