Is there one that is more masculine looking so a guy like me can use it too?

Are their prints of this clutch that are more masculine looking? I would love to have one of these if it weren't so effeminate! In other words, are there prints other than the Python print? If so where can I see them and then decide whether to buy or not?


Michael Kors Wallet Clutch for iPhone 4/4S

Michael Kors Wallet Clutch for iPhone 4/4S

Product No Longer Available

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    Look for Case Mate ID for iPhone, it holds your phone and 2 or 3 credit cards or id on the back of the phone. So it would be great for men and not bulky.

  • I have grown quite fond of my BookBook iPhone case from 12 North. It really does look like a leather bound book. I have had mine for approx 9 months without any quality concerns. Like the Kors wallet, it does not have a cut out for the camera lens but there are tutorials on the web that describe how that can be rectified as a mod.

  • I personally find all three of these MK Wallet Clutches to be quite feminine in appearance.
    However, that's a matter of personal taste.