Is there any way to format it so it will work with both my mac and my PC?

I work between 3 different computers, only one of them is a mac and I want to be able to move files, movies, music etc. as I please

G-Technology G-DRIVE mobile USB Portable Hard Drive

G-Technology G-DRIVE mobile USB Portable Hard Drive

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    You can format this hard drive like any other hard drive. On Mac OS use the disk utility.
    Select the FAT-file system which works fine on both Windows and Mac.
    The only limitation is that each individual file may not be larger than 4 GB.

    If you have to deal with larger files then it becomes a little bit more difficult. However this has nothing to do with this particular hard drive that we're talking about here - this is a general issue.

  • Your mac can "see" the data on the PC's and vice versa as long as they are communicating over a network. There are caveats however and the forum is a great place to find and create conversation pertaining to this compatibility subject.