is there an adapter to plug LAN internet cable to Ipad when no wifi available?

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

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    I have not seen a LAN to 30-pin cable connection from Apple.

    If you want to get internet on your iPad using a LAN cable, your best bet (using Apple products) is to get an AirPort Express. You set it up to create a new wireless network from your LAN internet, and you can then connect your iPad, iPhone, Mac, etc. wirelessly to the AirPort Express.

    The older model Airport Express (with the wall plug built right into the side) worked great for this! I would configure the AirPort Express at home to create a wireless network. Then, whenever I traveled to older hotels that had no Wi-Fi and just a LAN cable for Internet, I would plug my AirPort Express into the power outlet on the desk lamp and connect the LAN cable to the rear jack on my AirPort Express. After a minutes or two my iPad was on the internet wirelessly. The best part was that I never had to carry any additional cables. The older AirPort express had everything built in, including its power plug.

    You can also do this same trick using the newer AirPort Express, but you will have to remember to carry its power cord with you, and make sure to plug the LAN cable into the right jack on the back.

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