Is there a way to have the app on all the time or automatically activate when in your car?

I can see me (and others) forgetting to turn it on before it's too late. Also, what's it gonna cost to install? I don't want a power cord running up to my dash

Escort SmartRadar Detector Apple Pack

Escort SmartRadar Detector Apple Pack

Product No Longer Available

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    The product that is available in the Apple Store includes a power-plug that is designed for the cigarette-lighter plug in your car. Escort offers direct-wiring options separately, as well as battery-powered radar detectors.

    There is no cost to install it. It mounts on your windshield using the provided windshield mounting clips.

    Once you launch the app, it will run continuously, unless the iPhone is out-of-range for 15 minutes (and causes the app to disconnect), or you quit the app. However, you can always re-connect to the app after a time-out.

    It does not auto-activate, because that's not always the appropriate thing to do in all circumstances.

  • Yes, just leave the iPhone on with the app running. But seriously, once you're in the car, pressing on the Escort Live app is not all that difficult.