Is there a way to back up the HD connected to the Time Capsule as well as my computer's hard drive?

I have a new 2TB Time Capsule with attached 500GB LaCie external hard drive (this contains my music, video and photos, which no longer fit on my computer's hard drive). My computer's hard drive backs up to the Time Capsule using Time Machine - no problem. Is there a way to set this up so that the LaCie, which is connected to the Time Capsule, also backs up automatically to the Time Capsule? Or will I need to periodically (manually) copy and paste the files on the LaCie to the Time Capsule? For safety's sake, I want two copies of the files on the LaCie - one on the LaCie and a second copy on the Time capsule. Thanks for any advice!

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QA Apple Time Capsule

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    If your computer is using the Time Capsule for the Time Machine back-ups, then the LaCie's contents aren't changing unless you explicitly access it. Time Machine is meant to be used to back-up the computer's drive, other drives will need to be backed up manually.