Is there a way to access Time Capsule remotely without Mobileme?

For example, if I'm working on files from a building that is in a different city/state, will it be able to back up if I am connected to a Wifi network at that location and the Time Capsule has access to a wireless network also?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    You just have to redirect the port that corresponds to the AFP protocol (usually 548) to your time capsule with your router.

    Then you can connect anywhere with this address : afp ://your.public.ip.adress/

    To add the time capsule in your finder as a network volume :
    Go > Connect to server ... (cmd+K) and enter the address
    afp: //your.public.ip.adress/

    Hope that will help.

  • yes you can if u use an macbook so you can find form app store airport utility app ust get it to in mac or even pc