Is there a sweat-proof case/cover for the 5th gen iPod nano that is NOT an armband but rather a clip-on?

I'd like a case/cover that will clip on to my shirt or shorts while working out.

iPod nano Armband

iPod nano Armband

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    Not that I have come across. I can't even find a good armband with a fixed strap which is waterproof for the 5G.

  • I have no idea - tried to ask this question myself and the website brought me to this after I entered my apple id ... seems they don't make anything for use on a belt when working out - shame as armbands are not that comfortable to my way of thinking. Cheers.

  • I think recently I've seen an iPod 5G handstrap - it's not a clip on but I guess this is an alternative to the armband for exercising. I've also seen a silicone case which can be attached to a strap (perhaps a thin belt too) from a third party accessories seller (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention their name here). Hope this helps.