Is there a smart cover for the 4th generation of the new iPod touch?

iPad Smart Cover Leather

iPad Smart Cover Leather

Product No Longer Available

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  • No, Jamie, :-( there are NOT any Apple iPOD "smart covers"-not yet anyway!

    If I were a gambling woman though, I would BET that Apple is doing a LOT of research in determining which of their products, now and in the future, would warrant such a cover....not all would be suitable, nor do all need such a cover.

    If you do a Google search, using the following words without the quotations: "iPOD Touch cases and covers" you will be surprised at the number of companies who are presently manufacturing/marketing cases/covers that fit your iPOD, and some of them are pretty nice!

    Maybe you'll find something cool that you like-perhaps not as cool as some Apple products we know and LOVE, but of good quality and design. Good luck in finding one you like!