is there a similar product for the car

Is the a car charger for Mac Book Pro?

Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter

Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter

Product No Longer Available

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    Not yet. ;)

    Cmon apple, this is a hint.

  • If you are using an inverter make sure it is a pure sine wave inverter other wise you can burn out the hard drive by continually taking power voltage up and down. I live on a boat and find it a real pain the Apple have not considered a 12 volt adapter and only have the air one. As using an inverter burns more power than a direct DC plug in. ie a non sine wave will burn 3amps by itself add the computer and you burn 9amps. Pure Sne wave seems to be steady at 3-4 amps.

  • Not from Apple. Hit your local autoparts store and for about $30 -$40 you can buy a power inverter that lets you use your laptop power supply.

  • Yes, I wanted to charge my MacBook Pro both from my yacht battery and from the car. The airline charger seems to need excess of 12v to make it run and the only way I could make it even register power was to start the engine and the power surge made it work. Once the surge was over, it stopped.

    I bought the Airline charger direct from an Apple Store where I was assured that it would work. I see that the online product description says "not for automotive use".

    I now understand that the Kensington Ultra Portable 150W Power Inverter with USB Port is the answer to the problem. Apple telephone sales suggested it.

    Apple gave me an instant refund and I have purchased the Kensington. Search "inverter" on the Apple website and you will find it.

    It works for me.