Is there a screen protector for the I- Phone 4G that is compatible with the Retina Display?

I currently own a I-Phone 4G with Retina Display capabilities. I very much wish to protect my phone and it's screen so I have been looking into screen protectors. Will I have to sacrifice the Retina Display abilities on my phone to ensure full screen protection?
So many other 4G I-Phone owners have told me to either totally forget the idea of the screen saver or to be prepared to sacrifice the Retina Display. Still others have advised me that it really makes no difference with the Retina Display, if screen saver is on.
Please Advise! Thank You

Power Support HD Anti-Glare Film Set for iPhone 4

Power Support HD Anti-Glare Film Set for iPhone 4

Product No Longer Available

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    Yes, just make sure you buy the PowerSupport Crystal film instead of the Anti-Glare film. The clear film will give you the full HD retina clarity, just like having no film.

  • if you do not like this protector you could try the crystal clear one, this is not on the apple website. but with any protector their is always going to be slight changes to the display just some are more than others and do a better job to not reduce it that much i have this on my phone an it works pretty good to not do it really bad. so try the crystal clear that would probably be your best bet.

  • This screen protector is compatable with the retina display. It will not make a difference to the look of the screen. If the is a smudge in the screen protector you will see it is a bit blury but the same would happen without the screen protector and can be wiped of with a cloth. I have this screen protector and it is great. If you go to an apple store to buy it, if you ask them they will probably put it on for you (without bubbles usually) but you can always do it yourself if you like. Hope this helps you out.